Are you working with an influencer to promote your brand on social media?

Are you working with an influencer to promote your brand on social media?

A survey revealed that businesses make $5.78 for every dollar they spend on influencer collaborations, you’ll likely get more than $11,500 in orders (provided you partner with the right ones.)

With so many of our aesthetic professional customers now partnering with influencers to represent their brand it is becoming their most effective form of marketing.   In order to make the selection process easier we have chosen our most marketable and best-selling products for social media platforms. These user-friendly favorites are highly effective, suitable for all ages and skin types and appeal to the masses.  

Here’s our influencer picks for 2024!

Golden EyeGold infused under eyepatches have become a staple in every woman’s skincare routine. What are you going to name yours?

Brightening COur very first product that went viral, a CE ferulic antioxidant serum without that foul smell or tackiness. Our bestseller year after year!  

AMPlash – The most effective non-irritating drug free lash serum you will ever use with the easiest applicator ever. Start selling worldwide because this serum is an international sensation and the results will amaze you!

Hydra BaumeThe most addicting HA packed lip balm that is long wearing and has the shine of a gloss. This product started out as a gift with purchase one December, and we received an overwhelming number of calls to offer it in our line, so we did, and we will call it the people’s choice.  

Clear Stick – A resveratrol-based zit stick that was our first product to be sold in a national retailer that gained popularity decades ago in dermatologists offices and now everyone is offering them. Get on board because it’s not just for teenagers anymore. 

“ People always ask me why we don’t advertise our skincare care products and I always tell them because our customers do a brilliant job of that for us! They are always finding new ways to market themselves and their amazing brands to reach their specific audience. Our talented team is here to make their brand shine and support them from behind the scenes, we will never compete with our customers like so many other skincare companies are doing, unfortunately these days. Our customers are our marketing partners and never our competition! "

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