Custom Formulation

Formulating can be a long, expensive and daunting process. AMP Medical readily expedites this process by cherry picking manufacturing partners that are able to explore your request in a timely manner. We assist with custom formulation to your exact specifications exclusively for your practice or business. Whether you would like to remove or add ingredients to our current formulas, or create your own unique formulation – the choice is yours. Our labs already specialize in very effective pharmaceutical grade ingredients with proprietary peptide blends and unique delivery systems for the medical markets. AMP understands that a busy physician at a thriving practice or a CEO of a skincare Company does not have the time to seek out laboratories and spend time/money to develop new products on their own. With our long history of custom formulation knowledge, you will have the benefit of our years of ingredient research, product development, and market testing in your favor. Another advantage of working with AMP is that we can anticipate timelines, project costs and give you exclusive access to our manufacturers. AMP will serve as your partner and liaison through the entire process from development to the finished product. You can trust AMP to deliver a high quality product in a timely fashion.

AMP Does Not Sell to the General Public or Third Party Retailers

AMP does not support any Amazon business or offer drop shipping.

The customer is responsible for their own insurance, acquiring distribution channels and having the products approved to be sold.

AMP will not provide any documentation to ensure your products are approved to be sold. We will only provide our own SDS sheets, certificate of analysis, and full ingredient listings to our customers. Certain custom documents may be requested for an additional fee. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION TO HAVE YOUR PRODUCT SOLD IN THE COUNTRY OR PLATFORM WHERE YOU WISH TO SELL THEM.


Provide an idea for a product with your desired ingredients.

AMP will contact the appropriate lab to ensure the product can be manufactured.

Upon lab confirmation, AMP will provide you with an Engagement Letter and payment requirement setting forth our responsibilities and yours.
Upon receipt of the Engagement Letter and deposit, AMP will provide the lab with your product and wish list of ingredients. The lab intern will produce a sample batch to your specifications and provide the price per unit.
The sample will be sent to you for your review. You may approve, not approve or opt to alter the formula which involves purchasing another sample based on your adjusted specifications. Once the formula is approved the lab will start to manufacture your product and the desired packaging. It will then be sent to the lab to be silkscreened and then filled.
Finally, the product is sent to AMP for inspection, then prepared and shipped immediately to you. The entire process typically takes 3 to 4 months once a sample batch has been approved and packaging has been selected.


Should AMP accept your project, you will be invoiced for the lab to produce a small sample based on your specs at $1,000.00 per SKU/formula. Pricing per unit/gallon will depend on the exact formula you approve. On average custom formulations cost between $15,000-$20,000 per formula, for most skincare products with the minimum purchase requirements. This does not include packaging or boxes for your products, only the product itself. Requests to purchase your formula are at the lab’s discretion if they agree to sell it for an additional cost.