Elevate your brand with our stocked “Packaging Options”

Elevate your brand with our stocked “Packaging Options”

“This industry has been predicted to generate global revenue of 50 billion by 2022. Yes, we are talking about the custom box and packaging industry,” says Design N Buy.

What does AMP Medical’s slogan “a boutique approach to skincare” really mean?

Our private label Company strives to be a leader in our industry and really listen to what our customers’ current needs are by offering a much more contemporary, high end, and unique look for their brand. One of our goals this year was to start offering our clients a variety of “Packaging Options” for their anti-aging skincare products. Untilrecentlywe only stocked packaging options for two products, now we have different options for most of our line! Now that we are in a much larger facility, we are able to store several packaging options in our warehouse including different colored lids for jars,droppers, and pumpsfor bottles. Our sales team will gladly show you examples via text or email if you can’t make it to our Las Vegas showroom before you decide on the look you’re trying to achieve.

AMP Medical is dedicated to helping your business find the packaging that best fits your vision and your brand. Upgrade to a luxurious metallic gold cap for your pads for a high-end look, or a bold black cap for your “Men’s” line. If we don’t stock the packaging you’re looking for, don’t worry! Our team will attempt to source it from a number of packaging manufacturers we regularly work with. Let us do thework and researchfor you!

Here’s what we offer:

We have a Custom Packaging Specialist in house dedicated to helping answer any questions you may have and also give recommendations based on your company’s needs and budget.

Get a quick quote on what you’re looking for based on the products you have chosen to start with, no strings attached.

We are currently stocking a wide range of options that start with a low minimum order quantity of only 36 units per SKU.

A production team dedicated to preparing and shipping your custom order out within just a few days after label approval.

“I enjoy helping customers put together their skin line with upgraded packaging options that will make them unique and stand out from the rest. We will work together to make your vision a reality,” says Olympia Aguilar, Custom Packaging Specialist for AMP Medical.

Elevate your brand today with AMP Medical!

For more information on custom packaging and boxes, email hello@ampmedicalproducts.com to get started!