Get Spring Worthy Skin With AMP’s New Clay Masks

Get Spring Worthy Skin With AMP’s New Clay Masks

Thankfully, spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner. And with oily, clogged, and lackluster skin on the horizon, it’s the perfect time of year to bring three sensational new products into your practice.

All three products will help support the hard work you’re doing in the office, while your patient strengthens their routine at home. And with summer travel picking up soon, it’s important to continue medical-grade care, while there may be prolonged periods between office visits. This is especially true for younger acneic clients, who may do internships or travel abroad in the coming months. You won’t have to worry about them becoming frustrated or losing all the progress they’ve made.

If you’re wondering if carrying a mask is really a worthwhile investment, the market research confirms it is. In the last five years, this segment of the skin care industry has grown a whopping 8% globally. And with all the latest options to choose from, it’s projected to grow even more rapidly over the next 10 years. Facial masks that were made from clay claimed over 30% of the market share and are the most popular in terms of sales. They also project them to see the highest growth through 2033.

With these global trends in mind, AMP Medical is now proud to offer three new natural clay masks. Refine, Reveal, and Renew.
Refine Gently exfoliates with our AHA/BHA pore-refining clay mask that clarifies the skin with Salicylic, Glycolic, Kojic, and Azelaic Acids. Mineral-rich Smectite Clay helps to hydrate and balance while forming a protective. Kaolin Clay can absorb oil without over-drying and helps the healing of acne. Superhero ingredient zinc oxide helps calm, soothe, and heal reactive skin.
Reveal This detoxifying charcoal mask attacks blackheads by combining Lactic and Glycolic acids with highly absorbent Bentonite Clay, and super-ingredient Glacial Oceanic Clay. It also contains potent anti-aging ingredients: Niacinamide, CoQ10 Acetyl Hexapeptide-1, and Organic Green Tea extract to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Our exclusive blend of brightening acids with Vitamin C alongside Organic Licorice and Lemon Peel extracts creates a glowing and radiant complexion. *This mask is also an excellent alternative for those unable to tolerate acid peels.
Renew *Available for pre-order. This non-abrasive microdermabrasion scrub mask gently refinishes and polishes the skin by buffing away dead skin cells and debris.

The masks are all sold in retail 1oz jars for $24. They are also available in an 8oz back bar size for $175. As you expect from AMP Medical, our products are always clean, medical grade, cruelty-free, made in the USA, and available for private label.

Luckily, they arrived in time to be the perfect Mother’s Day gift, too. What mom doesn’t want an excuse to have a few minutes to herself?

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