Lite Luxe

Lite Luxe

AMP Medical Creates Next Generation of Skin Lightening Treatment with Lite Luxe MD

Those looking for a simple way to brighten their skin and obtain uniformity while still using safe, natural ingredients need look no further. AMP Medical’s new Lite Luxe MD treatment offers patients the chance to minimize sun damage, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and other issues with a quick, easy, and safe procedure.

What Is Lite Luxe MD?

Lite Luxe MD is a mild, medical-grade lightening peel that differs from chemical peels as it utilizes bioactive ingredients that are gentle on the skin. There is no need for more than one Lite Luxe MD procedure, which can be done in-office or at a medical spa. As AMP’s Chief Scientific Officer states, “We have developed a group of bioactive ingredients that offer superior results without increasing irritation potential. These molecules are forms of vitamin C and vitamin A. Their unique properties allow each molecule to be lipid soluble and not driven by pH. They also incorporate slow release technology, which allows for higher concentrations to be used in formulation while minimizing irritation potential.” Instead of using chemical solvents the way chemical peels do, Lite Luxe MD utilizes water soluble bioactive agents to dissolve medicines into the skin, also known as lipo solvation. Chemical solvents can sometimes dissolve the stratum corneum (or the skin barrier), along with the medicines, which can create problems for the skin. Lite Luxe MD has no such issues, simply brightening and removing issues of hyperpigmentation without harming the skin.

What Are the Benefits of Lite Luxe MD?

Lite Luxe MD is a pain- and odor-free procedure that can be done in-office in just one visit. There is no experience of stinging, tingling, or burning when the mask is applied, and the patient will not go through a peeling process afterward. There also isn’t any downtime after the procedure; patients are free to leave once the mask is applied and to remove it themselves afterward. There is even a clear version of the mask available for individuals who live in big cities, take public transportation, or otherwise cannot return straight home after the procedure. Unlike with chemical peels, there is a much lower risk with Lite Luxe MD of any hyperpigmentation or inflammation post-procedure. The Lite Luxe MD procedure is gentle enough to use on the face, and it can also be used on the rest of the body if desired. Patients are encouraged to take home several products to enhance the results of the procedure and continue to care for their skin afterward. These products are not mandatory, so those who wish to go without them can, if this better fits their budgets. Finally, patients who use the Lite Luxe MD procedure only need to leave the mask on for three hours; with older, outdated formulas, masks need to be left on for a total of eight hours.

What Does the Lite Luxe MD Procedure Entail?

The procedure starts in the doctor’s office or at the medical spa and continues into the home of the patient.
  • First, the skin is cleaned of all grease and grit. Then, the solution is prepared and wiped over the surface of the skin.
  • Next, the cream mask is applied and left on the skin for three hours. Patients can leave the office or spa and return home during the interim.
  • Once the mask is ready to be removed, the patient removes it with foaming cleanser provided by the office or spa. The patient then applies soothing balm to the skin after it is dry.
  • A regimen of cleaning the skin, applying the balm, and applying sunscreen is usually continued for at least a week after the procedure. In the daytime, patients should use the foaming cleanser and the sunscreen provided by the office or spa, and at night, they should utilize the cleanser and the balm.

What Sets the Lite Luxe MD Procedure Apart?

Aside from being quick, safe, and easy, Lite Luxe MD is also effective across the board for many different individuals. “I like that it works on all skin types,” says a medical spa owner in Cherry Creek, Colo. “I have seen some incredible results over the past five years of using this peel.” According to AMP, “Our Lite Luxe MD was inspired many years ago by the requests of two aesthetic nurses in Scottsdale, Ariz. who were seeking to develop something better than what was currently on the market for pigmentation treatment. [These older treatments] were not stable and no longer met … clients’ expectations. Results would vary greatly. “For years, AMP has been on a quest to develop a pigmentation treatment that delivered extraordinary and consistent results that were sophisticated enough for today’s discerning customer. We are finally pleased to introduce this exclusive lipo solvation technology that our world-renowned chemists helped create, and we can now offer it to our customers at an affordable price.”

Learn More About Lite Luxe MD Today

Lite Luxe MD is revolutionary in the practice of skin brightening and treatment for hyperpigmentation and other pigmentation issues. Those interested in learning more about this procedure can visit AMP Medical Products.