post procedure

Additionally, sheet mask popularity is skyrocketing for another key reason: clients love using healing sheet masks post-procedure.

With procedures like injectables, lasers, chemical peels, micro needling, and fibroblast treatments more popular than ever, sheet masks offer an easy, affordable way for consumers to speed up their healing process post-procedure. Using a medical grade, pure Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask post treatment can help heal wounds more quickly, reduce redness and inflammation, and provide the skin with some much needed soothing and relief.

Post-procedure sheet masks also have one more exciting benefit. Sheet masks offer aestheticians and skincare professionals an opportunity to end a client’s treatment on an especially memorable note. With customized options, like Cryo Cooling, Pure Nano-Gold, Resveratrol, and even CBD, Aestheticians can craft a truly high end, specialized experience for their skincare clients.

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