Would you like to see more of your practice using your skincare products in 2023? Are you often at a loss for where to start with your patients and their skin care routine? Sometimes the best first-step can be to simply change their cleanser. This easy to sell and inexpensive shift can make all the difference in achieving balanced skin. AMP Medical offers several types of cleansers to help address each of their individual needs.

Recommending a cleanser that’s right for your patient’s skin has never been easier.

If you notice unbalanced skin while prepping for their procedure, it’s easy to start a conversation by simply asking, “what are you cleaning with?” Even during injectable procedures, instead of wiping down with only alcohol, using one of your cleansers to remove their makeup first; can be a great way to introduce your products to your patients. The Gentle Foaming Cleanser, for example, has an alluring citrus fragrance that often sells itself.

AMP offers six wonderful cleansers that are each made in the USA.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

This 100% soap-free cleanser helps to exfoliate and protect the skin from free radical damage.
2% Lactic Acid, Green Tea, and Orange Peel.
Anti-photo aging. All skin types.

GlyGel Cleanser

This anti-microbial cleanser unclogs pores and boosts collagen production.
10% Glycolic Acid, Probiotic Peptides, Rice/Saccharomyces lysate.
Normal to combination skin types.

Multi-Acid foaming cleanser

This 100% soap-free cleanser gently exfoliates while unclogging pores.
2% Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Green Tea extract.
Normal to combination skin types.

Nourishing Cleaning Cream

This ultra-moisturizing cleanser is made to condition and rejuvenate aging skin.
Evening Primrose Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil.
Dry, mature skin types. Can also be used to remove makeup.

Purifying Gel Cleanser

This anti-acne, anti-oxidant rich formula helps to rejuvenate and brighten skin.
Salicylic acid, Papain, Vitamin C.
Combination to oily skin types.

Sensitive Foaming Cleanser

This redness reducing cleanser is perfect for post-procedure and sensitive skin.
Ginger Root Extract, Evodiox to inhibit inflammation.
Sensitive skin types.

If you’re not sure how to speak to our patients about their skincare, here are three of our favorite questions to ask during the dryer months:

Are you moisturizing at night?

Often, they are not cleansing or moisturizing before bed.

Do you feel like your face will crack after you wash?

This usually indicates they are cleaning with something far too harsh.

Are you putting your face directly under the faucet in the shower?

 We hear this often, and just by stopping this action, you can often correct much of their dehydration. Making you look like a genius and a hero.

It can be hard to compete with the TikTok trends, but good medical skincare has always been and will always be in a league of its own. Once your patients use a cleanser, that’s works for their skin type, they will trust you with their entire routine and just about anything else.

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Mandi Jacewicz
Licensed Esthetician CT #9
Brand Ambassador
AMP Medical