How to select an anti-aging protocol for your brand

Would you like to see your patients using your anti-aging protocol each day? There’s no better compliment to the work you do in the office than having a medically effective routine at home. And creating your own system with AMP MEDICAL has never been easier.

Whether you’re looking for a small and streamlined product line, or if you’d like to offer an extensive selection, we’ve got you covered. These anti-aging greats, are good for almost every patient in your practice, so you won’t be left with bottles sitting on the shelf.

Vitamin C

Having a high-grade Vitamin C treatment product in your anti-aging routine is a must! We offer four exceptional, proprietary formulas to choose from.

Brightening C

L-Ascorbic Acid (15%)
Ferulic Acid (.05%)
Hyaluronic Acid

CE Ferulic

– Ascorbyl Linoleate (5%)
– Lysophosphatidic Acid
– Retinyl Linoleate

Peptide C

– Ascorbyl Linoleate (5%)
– Tocopherol Acetate
– Lysophosphatidic Acid
– Green Tea Extract
– Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17
– Passion Fruit Extract
– Myristoyl Nonapeptide-3

Lipid C

-Alpha Arbutin
-Myristoyl Nonapeptide-3
-Ceramide 1
-Ascorbyl Glucoside

All four formulas help to stimulate collagen production, brighten the skin, and reduce the signs of photo-aging. All skin types.


From the American Academy of Dermatology, “Is a retinoid the right choice? A skin product that contains retinoids is a good option for someone with mild acne, mild pigmentation irregularities, or mild fine lines and wrinkles.” And because this usually describes most patients, having a retinol to offer is imperative. Are you moisturizing at night?

DNA Repair Cream

– Retinol (0.5%)
– Niacinamide
– Sodium Hyaluronate
– Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
– Tetrahydro curcumin
– Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7
– Malus Domestica Fruit Extract

Advanced Retinol

– Retinol (1%, encapsulated)
– Aloe Vera
– Chamomile
– Green Tea Extract

Resurface Pads

– Retinol (1%, encapsulated)
– Aloe Vera
– Chamomile
– Green Tea Extract

All three products contain super powerful Retinols that exfoliate, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and stimulate collagen production. Safe for all skin types.

AMP understands that your brand has its own unique style and needs. With that in mind, we offer a variety of truly custom packaging options. If you’d prefer a jar to a pump, or if you’d like an alluring box or a charming cosmetic bag, we will ensure your brand looks every bit enticing, as what’s inside.

Having each of these products can be wonderful for a large practice. But if you’re looking to just add one of each to start, our top two favorites are Brightening C in the morning with DNA Repair at night. This powerhouse combination can make an enormous impact on the health of your patient’s skin. And when they can see real results, it’s easy to keep them coming back.

Start building your own anti-aging protocol today!

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